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From “American Pickers” to Baltimore: Restoring the Mount Royal Sign

Mount Royal sign

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana

John may not be Princess Di (although, he looks amazing in a tiara), but he lives by this philosophy of kindness. If you put good vibes out in the universe, good vibes may come back to you. This idea of being kind and thoughtful extends beyond family and friends. We’ve seen him get to know a homeless wanderer on Northern Parkway and offer her rides whenever he saw her. John likes to look out for people – especially our clients.

Here is an example:

While watching American Pickers last year, John saw the original sign to the Mount Royal Hotel in Baltimore. Two months prior to watching the show, John photographed the Mount Royal for Cove Property Management.

Mind blown, right?

Mike and Frank (the pickers on the show) didn’t get the sign, so John passed along the show information to Steve at Cove. After some internet sleuthing, Steve was able to contact the owner and purchased the sign.

Steve brought the sign to our studio for preservation and custom framing. The sign was dirty, fragile and heavy. Our team worked wonders to stabilize and secure it for display.

sign details

It was an honor to pass this information along to Steve and help restore the original sign to the Mount Royal. When it comes to our clients, the team at Coyle always strives to go above and beyond peoples’ expectations. This idea of being kind and thoughtful is not a strategy tactic – it is genuine and the root of our culture.