Corporate Framing

“Office Envy:” to be consumed with jealousy and despair when entering someone’s rockin’ awesome office.

Don’t be a victim of office envy.

Be the cause of it.

Isn’t it great when someone tells you that they love your office? It feels better when they say, “I love your art.”


Choosing art for the corporate world is hard. The art can set the tone for the office and can reinforce the brand. The wrong art can send the wrong message to employees AND clients. Even if you have the right art, it can be difficult to figure out how to display it.

That’s where Coyle comes in. If choosing art if overwhelming or time consuming, let our experts help you choose the best art for you and your office. Got the art? We’ll find a creative way to display it that reflects you.

Let us help you create a space that will give everyone office envy (including us).

Things to know: