516 Fairmount Ave, Towson, MD

Fine Art

Ask John Coyle about his photography, and you will get, “It is one thing to say ‘I created…therefore it is art.’ It is another thing to create imagery that relates to human experience – to give it meaning.”

Anyone can take a pretty picture, but an artist is set apart by their ability to evoke a strong emotion in their audience. John is able to do this repeatedly and flawlessly. He draws inspiration from human life and all that encompasses it. He says, “it is always exciting to see something you haven’t seen before or being able to show something in a new or unique light. There are some things that just call out to be shot.

“The greatest surprises are the unexpected.”

His work is ever evolving. Viewers are often struck by the depth that he brings to a seemingly simple moment or experience. A person can stand back and think they fully understand it, but once they read the title or look at it a second time, it takes on a whole new meaning.


Outer Banks

The Shore to the Harbor


Fine art is available for shows and private purchases. For those interested purchasing for corporate gifts, please speak with Mary Lou or Brynn at 410-825-6858.