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If you are anything like us (…incurably curious), you have already perused our galleries to get a glimpse of our work. But before you get to know us (the people behind the camera), know this:


“Good enough” is banned from Coyle Studios. We aim for excellence.


That may seem a little dramatic – no, actually, it is dramatic, but it is accurate. Clients seek Coyle for imagery that generates results and catapults their company into their potential clients’ faces. We are not interested in creating “generic stock photography,” and our clients should not want it either.


Making companies compelling and interesting is our specialty. Whether we’re working with an agency to create website images, collaborating with a small company on marketing collateral, or posing employees for stunning executive portraits, three things remain true:


  1. Size does not matter. We give small businesses that same attention as Fortune 500 companies (and we’ve worked with both).
  2. We aren’t just technicians. Our marketing knowledge coupled with our photography background allows us to help create a concept that makes sense for you.
  3. Excellent photography is essential. It doesn’t matter if you’re an interior designer, dentist, law firm, or ballistics company. You’ve worked hard to build your business, and your images should reflect that.


Want to know more? Check out our team below:

4X6 crop 2 right setup Mary Lou coyle DSC_8361pp

Mary Lou Coyle

Supreme Boss Lady

Mary Lou is the brains and the beauty behind Coyle Studios. Since graduating from the University of Notre Dame of Maryland (and snagging the prestigious business award in the process), ML has made her business savvy personality play nice with her “starving artist” passion to create a unique photography company that gets businesses. Don’t let the sweet photo fool you. Her nickname here is “The Kraken,” and she doesn’t apologize for who she is. Check her out on LinkedIn.


John Coyle

Master Photographer

No one works a camera like John Coyle. End of story.

Actually, there’s a lot more to him than that. His education at Loyola University, apprenticeship in the field, and years of sweating in the darkroom (just ask Mary Lou about that one…) have created a photography master that can blend the art world with the corporate culture. His tenacity and ability to make the ordinary outstanding helps him not only get “the shot,” but nail it. Half Irish. Half Polish. Full of charm that just makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Don’t believe us? See what others say about him on LinkedIn.

2×3 final working DSC_7944_pp

Brynn Devereaux


Scranton expat. Towson University graduate. Fancy purse wearer. Need to get to John? Have to get through Brynn first. Talking to John is next to impossible when he’s in the field, so she is THE client advocate from beginning to end. It’s a well known fact that she has the strength of three men and isn’t afraid to show it. If she’s not in the studio making marketing magic or on location helping make photography history, you’ll find her workin’ on her fitness and binging Bluey with her kiddo.


Amy Meyer


Amy is the unsung hero and probably one of the more frightening people here at Coyle Studios. The things this woman can do with tools, chemicals, and blades is unmatched. Amy has all sorts of impressive qualifications and experience to ensure that your prized photos and art are skillfully handled and preserved. It doesn’t matter if she’s framing signed notes from Abraham Lincoln, restoring damaged photos from the 1900’s, or creating shadowboxes to commemorate your special trip – she handles them all with expertise and grace.