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Coyle Art: “The Mystery of Winter”

Coyle Art: “The Mystery of Winter”

The Mystery of Winter

In the realm of John’s fine art, one theme typically dominates: the relationship between man and nature. John loves searching for examples of the dissonance or harmony between the two, man’s imprint on nature, or man imitating the environment. One of his favorite aspects of “The Mystery of Winter” is the feng shui between the building and the stark background.

There is a certain sense of harmony between the window and the view through it. The linear lines of the broken block windows and the row of trees show a balance between their differences. Both of these subjects are so vastly different. One is man made, and one is nature made – yet they are together in this time of cold and death.

It’s that relationship that caused him to name it “The Mystery of Winter.” Titles need to be as important as the piece. “Broken Windows” doesn’t have the same wonder to it. John tries to lead his viewer to a certain frame of mind and emotion with his titles. He wants the to audience to see the starkness and death in winter coupled with the coldness, abandonment, and destruction of the farmhouse windows. He wants them to see and question that feng shui between man and the environment.

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