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Fine Art Inspiration: Water

fine art inspiration water

Fine Art Inspiration: Water

In the summer, everyone has water on the brain in one form or another – oceans, lakes, pools, a hose (we aren’t picky). We long to cool off and relax. In fact, we wish that our office was here:

Star Bright

“Star Bright” by John J Coyle Jr.

Since we can’t be in the Bahamas, we decided to get our water fix by sharing a few fine art pieces and John’s thoughts about photographing water. Enjoy:

“Water presents itself in many different ways. It is always changing and always unique. The reactions it has with the environment and time of day makes water different, unique, and beautiful.”


"Platinum Sine" by John J Coyle Jr

“Platinum Sine” by John J Coyle Jr

“It is too easy to photograph what everyone else sees, but it is difficult to capture what no one sees. We can look at water over a lapse of time and see movement. Long exposures show rotations. You can see ebbs and flows. You see motions. You can see soft flows of direction. Freezing time can make movement elusive. Slowing it down makes for timeless beauty.”


"The Yang - Swallow Falls" by John J Coyle Jr.

“The Yang – Swallow Falls” by John J Coyle Jr.

“When it comes to photography, you can’t set a challenge such as, ‘I’m going to photograph something exceptional today.’ You’ll always be disappointed. ‘Exceptional’ happens when you put experience, knowledge, and skill at work with perfect time, place, etc. My father used to say, ‘Success is preparation meeting opportunity. Luck has nothing to do with it.’ You never know how the opportunity will present itself. Always be prepared.”


"Free Flight" by John J Coyle Jr.

“Free Flight” by John J Coyle Jr.

“Water is elusive. We don’t live in it. We don’t live on it. We don’t usually live next to it. People are drawn to it. Water is dynamic and beautiful. We don’t see it at every turn. We see rocks, trees, and grass, but not water. It has an erotic turn to it; it makes us feel good, but it has a mysterious quality.”


"Clarity" by John J Coyle Jr.

“Clarity” by John J Coyle Jr.