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Massive Metal Prints: An Alternative Framing Solution

metal print overview

Massive Metal Prints: An Alternative Framing Solution

We wrapped up the coolest project earlier this year. We created three 7’ x 3’, one 3’ x 8’ and one 2’ x 3’ metal panel prints of John’s fine art.

Massive metal prints. Seriously, how cool is that?

The lobby of the Queen Anne Belvedere in Baltimore went under renovation last year. There is a new leasing office space, a lounge area in the lobby, new fixtures, and so much more. The owners wanted to install artwork that matched the new modern space.

metal prints panoramic

Their designer had an original concept of hanging 6’ x 4’ glass panels. We ended up moving away from glass because of price and the many, many rules/laws about hanging gigantic pieces of glass in public spaces. Forget glass. We went with metal instead.

Metal prints are a modern alternative framing solution. It’s a smart choice for big art displays because the prints are lightweight and long-lasting. Canvas wraps are a dated medium and have a short life span. They are susceptible to the elements (humidity, dirt, etc.). We looked at acrylic prints, but acrylic can be easily destroyed by housekeeping if they use the wrong cleaner.

Our client opted for metal and chose a finish that allowed the metal to show through the print. Each print has a float mount hanging system to give the piece dimension and leave the artwork intact. The result is sleek and a little funky.

metal print panels

The art theme is “Baltimore.” We worked with our client to both pull from John’s portfolio and generate new art that matched their vision. The triptych (three panels creating one overall image) is of the newly restored Washington Monument in North Baltimore. The panel over the couch is a panoramic of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, and the smaller panel above the chair is of Penn Station at night during Artscape.

There is no other way to say it – we love this project. Our clients always push us to do something bigger and bolder than before, and we have become something of an expert on alternative framing displays because of it.

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