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Coyle in the Community: April 2017

coyle in the community

Coyle in the Community: April 2017

“Traditional” is not a word that is associated with Coyle’s culture, especially when we’re in giving mode. We don’t write checks and disappear. You probably won’t see us handing out drinks during a 5k or planting trees. It’s not our style.


We have “a particular set of skills. Skills [we] have acquired over a very long career.”

Photography skills, people. Not our spy skills. 

Most non-profits want to have stellar images for marketing, event recaps, and thank you gifts for participants, but budget constraints can limit their capabilities. We get it. When we donate, we give freely. Non-profits can use our images without watermarks or concern. Participants can receive free, unlimited downloads and share socially.

When we donate, we’re donating a service – not just a commodity. It’s personal.

Donating our services and resources is a team decision because it impacts the entire studio and our families, not just the photographer with the special set of skills. Planning a shoot takes a fair amount of admin on the back end (scheduling, coordinating, post-production, and delivery). Events often take place in the evenings or on weekends, so we make sure we believe in what we are doing.

This April, we donated our services to three organizations: The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Schools, Runners for Others, and The Foundation for Baltimore County Public Library.

State of the Schools

coyle in the community state of the schools

Runners for Others: An Ignatian 5K

coyle in the community runners for others

Taste of the Town

coyle in the community taste of town

We would love to support everyone, but we have a limited budget for event photography donations. If we’ve met our budget, don’t despair. We’d be happy to donate a piece of photographic fine art or a gift certificate to your silent auction.