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Create the Art That Makes You Happy: Custom Photography for Home

custom photography for home

Create the Art That Makes You Happy: Custom Photography for Home

Choosing art for your home can feel a bit like choosing a romantic partner – exciting and daunting. It is fun to look at beautiful works of art and become inspired. Once you find a piece you like, you have to decide whether you can stand them hanging around your house all day and see them every morning.

Purchasing art is a personal decision and isn’t one that people jump into lightly. You have to love and want the piece. If the art is just filling a hole on your wall or acting as a placeholder, you’ll always be unsatisfied. Fortunately, art (unlike romantic partners) can be commissioned and created from scratch through your own influence.

We recently had a client who couldn’t find the right art for their home. They created a concept with their designer and were having a difficult time finding artwork. Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real,” so we set out to make their vision a reality.

Our clients wanted art in their foyer and living room that captured their neighborhood and interests. They passed a local farm on their way to and from work and loved the landscape, white fences, and beautiful horses they saw every day. John spent a few days photographing the farm to get a variety of photos that our client might enjoy.



It was important to include our clients’ concept and input during the shoots. There were farm elements that they wanted to feature in their home, and John’s unique artistic vision created several different options for each aspect.

With the chosen images, we worked with our clients to come up with the print size and framing options that would both fit in their space and make a visual impact. The most important thing was to find frames that could hold the weight of the large pieces as well as work with their interior design elements. They chose frames that had a modern profile with a slightly rustic feel. Their selection was perfect for the space and lets the photos sing.


We may be a little biased, but we love the rooms and art. It doesn’t matter if we’re shooting for commercial photography or fine art, it is always rewarding and inspiring to breathe life into a client’s creative vision.

The best part of this project was knowing that someone didn’t settle for art. We are more than a little passionate for it and firmly believe that art of any kind should move the viewer and enhance a space. Don’t settle for ho-hum art. Create it. Whether you hire a professional or DIY it, display art that makes you happy and inspired.