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In Defense of “Perfection”

In Defense of “Perfection”

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.”



A version of this was recently quoted to Mary Lou, and it has occupied our minds ever since. In our bio page, we state that “’Good enough’ is banned from Coyle Studios.” This rattled our cages more than a little bit.

The internet is full of “inspirational” quotes that ask you to “Embrace the complete mess that you are” and “Accept what you cannot change.” The world knows that people are not inherently perfect (i.e – having no mistakes or flaws), but does this mean that a person cannot strive to be the best version of themselves (i.e – having all the qualities you want in that kind of person, situation, etc)?

In our business, we strive to create the best product we can. We want to create the best outcome for our client. That means a fantastic image and a great experience.

Embracing our imperfections does not mean that our clients deserve “good enough.” They deserve our personal best.

Imagine receiving a photo that looked like this:



When we knew we could deliver this:


C:\Users\coyle\Dropbox\Cove\Final COVE Mt Royal May 2015 DSC_8409 Coyle Studios.jpg

Would you feel that you have spent your money and time well? When John takes a photo, he is making his subject come to life and look amazing. The top photo is a good test shot, but the second photo is damn near perfect.

Doing anything better than “good” takes time and effort. We get that we may have to move fast and may not have a ton of time, but that does not mean that we will abandon technique and skill just to get a shot. We’ll change up methods and adapt to the situation to make the end result the best it can be.

Because the client deserves it.

Listen, I embrace the fact that my bedroom looks like disaster. It is not a place most people see, and the last thing I feel like spending free time on is making my bed.

I accept the fact that I will not fit into the jeans I wore while in high school. 17 year old me didn’t have hips, but 27 year old me looks better in a dress.

My needs and wants have changed over the years.

Understanding what the client wants and needs is the key to success. Knowing the budget, the time constraints and the ultimate target market and use is critical to delivering the “perfect” final product.

These quotes are designed to make people accept who they are, and that is admirable. Everyone needs some encouragement, but they do not need to use the quotes as excuses for mediocrity.

We’ll keep striving for our best, and our best means striving for perfection.